Welcome to Organize. Preserve. Simplify! On this page, you will find my blog, which focuses on the archives, organization, information management, and library field, along with interests of mine, including: books, music, photography, & other inspiration. Please visit my pages below for more about myself and my business!

What do I do?

(and how much does it cost?)

My main business is working with individual clients to help them with organizational or preservation needs.  The process is hands on, more or less, depending on the project.  I also do other freelance work.  I am based in the Philadelphia area, but can arrange work with clients outside of this area, especially with digitally based materials.

Organize. Preserve. Simplify.
  • Usual Price: $100/hour
  • Launch Price: $50/hour
Other Freelance Work:
  • Transcription
    • Audio: $2.00 per minute
    • Handwritten or Printed Text to Digital Formats (such as Word or PDF): $3.00 per page*
  • Academic Reference work:
    •  $20.00/ hour or $3.00 per page, depending on project
    •  Examples of this includes bibliographic work, such as checking work completed against a style guide. Preferred style guides must be noted, and if style guide is not online, it must be provided before services begin.
  • Other Services:
    • If you have a project that needs special organizational or computer skills, please contact me to open conversation regarding cost.

* Examples must be reviewed for readability before services begin.