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*New* Academic Work

I am pleased to promote my Academic Reference Services!
Have you been working on a long paper (semester paper, thesis, etc.), but haven't been keeping your bibliography or reference page in the correct style?

  • What does this entail? 
    • Bibliographic work
      • Have you kept track of basic information about each of the works you are citing in your paper, but are running out of time?  Let me put your footnotes into the correct style (style guide of your choosing)!  This also includes checking citations against a bibliography.
    • Checking bibliographic work completed against a style guide**
      • Have you been working on your paper, keeping track of sources, but haven't been putting your bibliography or reference page in the correct style?  Let me do it for you! 
  • In either case, I will work with you to get your paper ready!*

How much does it cost?
  • $20.00 per hour or $3.00 per page, depending on project - contact me for a quote to see what applies for your needs.

    * Please note that you are responsible for the final product you turn in to your professors and advisers.  I recommend reviewing the work done before doing so.

    ** Style Guides include: MLA, Chicago, APA, and more.  Preferred style guides must be noted, and if style guide is not readily available online, it must be provided before services begin.