Welcome to Organize. Preserve. Simplify! On this page, you will find my blog, which focuses on the archives, organization, information management, and library field, along with interests of mine, including: books, music, photography, & other inspiration. Please visit my pages below for more about myself and my business!

Organize. Preserve. Simplify.

Launch Pricing: Limited Time Only!

Thoreau almost got it right when he said, "Simplify, simplify."
I say, "Organize, Preserve, Simplify!" And I can help you!

Initial Consultation – Free!
· Home visit consisting of:
o Devising a plan to: organize, preserve, and/or simplify your:
§ Office/den
§ Family papers & photographs
§ Other areas in need of organization
o Touring of the spaces to be organized
o Creating a master plan, including:
§ Special needs of client
§ Storage & materials, including purchasing agreed upon supplies before next visit (at client's expense)
§ Estimate of time needed to complete the project

First & Subsequent visits – $100/hour 2-hour minimum
Special! Limited Time Only!* $50/hour
· Begin Organizing & Preserving
o Prioritizing & determining personal value of pieces with client
o Rehousing materials
o Labeling folders/ boxes
o Creating an inventory of the collection
· Projects over 8 hours are eligible for a special rate
· Completion time of all projects is agreed upon beforehand

Previous Experience Includes:
Smithsonian • Special Collections in Performing Arts at the University of Maryland
Swarthmore College• Haverford College• Earlham College

*For the first 10 people who sign up for an initial consultation

Email with questions or for initial consultations: